About Us

ERD is an engineer-owned electronic repair company in the United States. We have been repairing a complete range of industrial electronic products, from basic boards to complex robotics since 1995. Our 15,000+ sq. ft. technical building located in North Carolina is a state of the art repair facility, including full surface-mount and automated BGA rework capability.

ERD is the nationwide leader in CPC4 repair. ERD has invested heavily in developing a full rebuild process and test procedure, so that we can be confident that when a unit is repaired by ERD, it will be working reliably the first time, and have its lifetime extended by many years. If you have a CPC4 that needs to be repaired, please visit ERD's CPC4 repair page for more information.

While working with thousands of truckers over the past year, ERD realized a need in the industry for security measures to protect against the growing wave of CPC4 thefts. With the knowledge we had built from our CPC4 repair, we created ERD Powertrain to design and build a drop-in harness extension with a quick-release connector that is engineered to be reliable in the long term and provide an easy way to keep the module out of the truck when it's parked. This protects against wear and damage on the original vehicle harness, and prevents theft completely as the CPC4 is never left unattended.

ERD Powertrain is comprised of many talented engineers who are highly motivated to help solve problems like these in the trucking industry. If you have a problem that you think we could help with, or if you have any questions about what we've developed so far, reach out to us at support@erd-powertrain.com  - we'd love to hear from you!