Sending us your harness configuration




We want to support your truck!

If you have an OEM harness that isn't covered by our existing CPC4 quick-release harness options, we will do our best to create one that works for you.

Send us an email at or via text 336-515-0795 (via text send contact info) with ALL of the following information:

  1. Attach a picture or pictures of the four OEM harness connectors that clearly shows the populated pins. This is what we will base the configuration on, so make sure the pins are visible for all four connectors in the pictures!

Example image: 

An example of a good image to use when sending us your harness configuration. All the pins are clearly visible.


We will send you an email once the new harness configuration is available. The design and testing process takes time to complete, so we cannot offer any guarantees on availability or delivery dates.