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ERD Powertrain

CPC4 Harness Repair Kit

CPC4 Harness Repair Kit

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Have you had your CPC4 or CPC2 stolen, and your OEM harness cut with the connectors missing? This is an expensive repair and parts can be hard to find. After speaking with several people in this situation, we designed this CPC Harness Repair Kit to have all the hardware you will need to repair your OEM harness so you can get back on the road!

This kit requires a bit of technical knowledge to determine which wire in your OEM harness should go to which cavity of the connector. If you aren't comfortable with tracing wires in your truck's harness, you should bring this kit to a mechanic who is! * Due to the variance in how trucks are wired, we cannot provide an exact pinout.

Kit Includes:

  • 4x CPC/CPC2/CPC4 connectors (1 White, 1 Grey, 1 Brown, 1 Blue)
  • 28x 12-inch 18AWG wires, pre-crimped with correct CPC contacts, stripped, and ready to be spliced into the OEM harness - more than enough to cover any truck with a few extras to spare
  • 1x CPC4 pinout information
  • 1x CPC2 pinout information
  • 1x Detailed instructions on populating the connectors and splicing the wires

* Because every truck is different, you will be responsible for determining which connections in the harness are connected to each connector. ERD Powertrain will not be liable for any damage caused by or resulting from incorrectly populating or connecting any part of this repair kit.

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